Monday, March 11, 2013


Here is my research summary!

Researching Bigfoot forced me to broaden my horizons and dive into many different forms of information. In the past, I had relied mainly on web sources and occasionally books, but I viewed the library as an intimidating and overwhelming place rather than a great tool. I didn’t know how to the use the resources to my advantage and spent far too long searching for the information I needed. Now that I have completed my research, I was able to develop the skills to research smartly and efficiently.

Now that I have spent a lot of time utilizing different research methods, I am able to distinguish the pros and cons of each and which would be best for different topics. In the case of Bigfoot, I found the Internet to be the most helpful and abundant source of information. Because the topic is taboo to most academics and scientists, other forms of peer-reviewed sources didn’t yield very many results. This was frustrating to me because I tried my best to find scientific evidence pointing toward or away from the existence of Bigfoot. Other than a few articles written by the same authors, there was not of lot of support for the species from peer reviewed journal articles.

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