Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sorry its all connected, but here are the rest of my blogs!

I would totally take the time to separate these blogs, but I am late for work and I wanted to turn them in.  SORRY!


·        Blog 1- Why I chose the Phoenix.         
o   I chose the Phoenix bird because it has been a popular creature in recent media, such as Harry Potter.  Secondly, I chose the phoenix because I think that there will be a lot of coverage on the topic, since it has become more popular.  As a bird that bursts into flames and from the ashes a new bird is born, the Phoenix seems very intriguing.  Personally, the Phoenix was also our logo for The Vagina Memoirs Production in 2012.  If you haven’t seen the production, it is life changing.  Especially for the people who put on the show.  This picture reminds me that like a Phoenix, things may go wrong in your life, but sometimes you have to shake it off and start anew.   Overall, I feel that the phoenix is a great mythical creature to research on and I think that I will have a great time analyzing the validity of said claims. 
·        Blog 2
·         The Phoenix is a bird with the head of an Eagle and the body of a Heron or Stork.  Even though the Phoenix is covered in fire, the Phoenix finds its food in the water.  The phoenix dies and catches on fire, resulting in being born again for the ashes.  Apparently, the Phoenix is so hot that even under water; its fire does not go out.  I also found this quick link that basically tells you the some information on the specifics of the Phoenix through the resent ages! Oh year, breaking out the classics!
·        Blog 3
·         Being that I have so many tattoos, I wondered if many people had tattoos of the Phoenix bird.  When I searched Google, I found a ton! I challenge you, if you like art, check out the tattoos people have posted of the Phoenix bird.  In addition to this, I thought that it would be interesting to compare and contrast the differences between some of the birds.  I know that this is not required in researching our mythical creature, but I do not know a lick about mythical creatures, so I figured the images would spark some form of debate. 
·         Here is the link if you want to look with me;

·        Blog 4
            In trying to research the origins of my mythical creature the Phoenix, I have become confused.  Every article I read overlaps with the same information as to who really was the home-base for the Phoenix.  I do understand that this is a mythical creature, but I guess for a legend, I wanted to believe in the magic if only for a little.  I believe that is article does a fantastic job at showing some, not all, but some of the different cultures that claim the Phoenix and this illustrates the specific story attributed to that culture. 
·        Blog 5
o   The web provided phenomenal support in the historical description of the Phoenix bird.  After grazing over several wiki, mythology, and mystical creatures books I was able to create a better understanding of my mythical creature.  One idea that I found very interesting is the idea that Phoenix’s live in colder regions.  I was genuinely surprised by this due to the fact that all of the originating countries containing the Phoenix are countries with excessively hot climates’.  Well, excessively hot for me anyways. J Here is that article I found.  I also like where it says that if the Phoenix chooses, it will pick a human as its familiar.  I think that would be one of the greatest things ever, to have a Phoenix next to you.  I see now why Dumbledore was awesome!
·        Blog 6
o   One of the problems that I had in going about different research methods was finding proper data that related to the actual Phoenix Bird.  Some of the results that I have gotten back were relating to the car, town, and Harry Potter.  When looking through possible newspaper articles, the Phoenix bird did not come up one time.  Many of the options were for local newspapers with a bird as a logo. However, once I started using EBSCO, I found two articles pertaining to the Phoenix.  Here is a link to journal describing the importance of the Phoenix regarding something as simple as a button. 
·        Blog 7
o   I went on Youtube to try and find a sighting of a Phoenix bird.  Naturally, I did not find any real conclusive videos.  However, I did find several videos that seem more like cloud watching then a Phoenix Bird.  Another video that I found was looked like a shooting star.  It looked way too far into space to be anything else.  It had me wondering if the Phoenix is a mythical bird, then how do we determine what should be deemed credible or not? One of the videos that I found pretty interesting is the link below. I believe that it is just an eagle, but it is up for discussion.  Any thoughts?

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