Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roy Mackal

So as I've been wrapping up my research, I've been reading Roy Mackal's book, The Monsters of Loch Ness. The body of the book is only 218 pages, but the book is 400 due to the extensive appendices. Mackal, instead of chronicling one or a handful of expeditions or observations like Dinsdale and Meredith, uses his book to analyze the data that has been collected already, only using data that is actually useful, which whittles down the observation pool to around 250 sightings out of thousands. By carefully analyzing these observations, he attempts to compare what has been observed with the theories about what Nessie is, including suggestions of plesiosaurs, seals, otters, and worms. In the end, he posits the most probable option as being a giant eel, as collected specimens from the loch are of a reasonable size.

I think this book will be invaluable in writing my paper, as it is essentially a summation of the research and observations that have been referenced in other sources that I've found but haven't been able to get.

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