Sunday, March 3, 2013

Popular Culture

In my searches for the illustrious Thunderbird, I have encountered a few issues.  There are so many things in society now with the name ‘thunderbird’, that finding the actual BIRD has been made very difficult for me. There is the well-known car, the school of “global management”, the alcohol, the Air force team, mascots (including my own high school mascot), and even the new email program recently released by Mozilla.

All these things are what show up on my searches in thunderbirds on Google. Only one link was the actual cryptid, and it was the Wikipedia page.  I was not even fully aware of the fact that thunderbirds are considered a cryptid until rather recently.  I always just saw it as my high school mascot, and a made up version of an eagle.
Granted, the genuine things that I do find on the actual thunderbird are good, though it is rare to find good information without really having to dig it up.

It is not so much the fact that there is a lot of popular coverage of thunderbirds, it’s more of the fact that the name itself and the concept of the bird is interesting enough to people for them to adapt it to their idea that makes searching for the original thunderbird so difficult to track down.

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