Friday, March 15, 2013


Perhaps the most important video concerning Bigfoot is the Patterson-Gimlin film, mentioned earlier. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this video and people have been arguing for years about whether or not it was a hoax. I found one article on the Cryptomundo website that tackled the argument from a completely different side. Photo analyst, Marlon K. Davis, believes the footage showed a wild human. M.K. explained that there was evidence to support his claim that it was not a Bigfoot, but rather a large hairy human that has become out of contact with society (Coleman, 2006). Davis writes,I know from the film that it is human, and that it manipulates its environment and has a culture of some sort” (Coleman, 2006). 

While his explanation is incredibly vague, I personally thought this was a somewhat credible source and M.K. Davis provided a good theory. It is quite possible, in my opinion, that Bigfoot could be an older race of human that somehow managed to stick around without evolving into the modern human race of today. I am no expert on evolutionary theory, but this seems like a solid explanation of the Bigfoot phenomena. I do wish he had supported his claims further, though. Is lack of evidence makes me much more skeptical, but not enough to completely disregard the argument.

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