Sunday, March 3, 2013

move film- Griffin

So in doing this blog post I found a video on my creature actually it is called the "Attack of the Gryphon" it was a television film that came out in 2007 so this is a fairly new and recent movie on my creature. The film is about two princes that fight over their father's throne and one of the princes kills the other and since that day the kingdom has been divided into two rivalry areas. The prologue is before the kind passed away he gave blood that activated a stone statue of a gryphon to come to life and to attack whoever the person who activated it desires. The loyalty aspect of the gryphon and fighting is known in the film according to wikipedia. This film fully demonstrates what a gryphon does and looks like.

The griffin is used also in tv shows and other movies. The Chronicle of Narnia is a great example of how it is used and then you have family guy which has nothing to do with the gryphon legend in which I am researching it has made looking for the griffin if you use "griffin" spelling  challenging.

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