Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monster blog Research after presenting- Griffin

In doing my research after doing my presentation, I looked into the google UK. This came about after listening to other presenters and the resources that helped them to do better research overall. When finding the google UK website I had a little more success in the books that contained more information on the actual griffin monster. I was warned that this topic would a little difficult to find valid information on but, so far things have been pretty great on websites. The books that I did find were fantasy based still but there were some more options on the potential sightings of the griffin from the past history of London and around the European regions. I also looked onto the western library page for the fantasy genre that is limited for folktales and such and it was a little helpful. I still was not able to find any newspaper articles on the griffin no matter what I did to find  articles on the griffin it was limited to only griffin technology and or company names.

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