Friday, March 1, 2013

Doubtful News

I found a website today called Doubtful News, which has an "alien big cats" tag, and obviously, they're skeptics. They have a list of all alien big cat stories reported in newspapers, and one of the ones that I had not seen before was titled "A joke? Black panther toy surprises observer", and while it is not about a claimed ABC sighting per se, I thought it was something to note: it raises the point that people are aware that others believe alien big cats truly exist and so play tricks on those believers because they think it's amusing to make fun of that fringe belief, which results in mainstream science/culture becoming even more skeptical of ABCs' existence. Now, I haven't decided whether I believe alien big cats truly exist or not, but that's not the point of this class; the point of the class is to learn to evaluate resources and use them to one's advantage. I just wonder: How is science supposed to believe in the existence of alien big cats if people are drowning possible potential evidence in practical jokes like the one above?

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