Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Books about Mermaids

During our trip to Special Collections, there was a pop up book called Dr. Ernest Drake's Monsterology : The Complete book of Monstrous Beasts that had a general description of a mermaids and “The Siren Song” which was a little spell.  What caught my attention about this book (aside from it being a pop up book) was the mermaid catcher’s guide in the back. Legend has it that the use of the following items will guarantee you the capture of a mermaid.
-A sample of white Yeti fur- presented by the Monks of Dragon Mountain.
- Spell- casting parchment paper
-Hippogriff feathers- invisible and insubstantially light.
-A prehistoric phoenix parasite trapped in amber.
-A handy ogham translator
-A piece of shed fin scales 
Although these books are entertaining, most of them are fiction and written for enjoyment. I had a hard time finding books that were scholarly and could really be used as evidence that mermaids exist due to the fact that Mermaids are very popular in young adult literature.

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