Sunday, February 17, 2013

The government is aware of the existence of a creature known as the "Jersey Devil"

After the class on Wednesday, I ran some searches using US Government document finding resources. The website brought me the most results. I put in "jersey devil," and got 59,500 results. The majority of these results simply repeat the information given in other analogous results, or have nothing to do with the legendary creature, instead having to do with locations in New Jersey with the word "devil" in their name, or on the hockey team the New Jersey Devils. However, there were some official state websites with information on the folk tale of the Jersey Devil. The best one I found was on the Atlantic County Government website, which gives an account of the tale, with a brief geographical analysis, to give the story context. Most of the other government sites had some variation on the information given on this page ( They all addressed the creature from an anthropological point of view, firmly established from the first sentence that the authors do not believe the creature to be anything more than a folk tale.

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