Friday, February 15, 2013

The Black Dog

Last week I finally found some scholarly articles about Black Dogs.  None of them are especially recent, ranging from the 30's to the 70's.  The most valuable article was one entitled "The Black Dog", written by Theo Brown in the late 60's and published in the peer-reviewd journal Folklore.  I have found numerous resources that reference this exact article.  She organizes all of her own research, as well as other people's research, into three different categories of Black Dog.  She then recounts all of the sightings of these dogs that she had access to, as well as the particulars of the incidents.  She also includes some first-hand accounts.
The article is incredibly useful because of the organization.  There are many Black Dog sightings, but not all of them classify as Hellhound sightings, in my opinion.  In Lincolnshire, the Black Dog is harmless, and can even act as a protector.  Brown's article helps sort out the difference.
Aside from the information contained in the article itself, it is also useful in that it provides references that can be accessed.

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