Friday, February 8, 2013

Starting my paper

This week I began writing my paper. Only the introduction so far, which is always the hardest part for me. I'm working on coming up with a good overview of Bigfoot characteristics, which is difficult because so many people describe these differently. Everything from hair color to size to feet and hands vary greatly. While this is understandable because most observations are oral history rather than pictures and video, it is hard to sum everything up into one clear and concise description. I've been relying a lot on the BFRO website, which gives a pretty good outline of the species characteristics. This source has a wealth of information, but I believe still must be taken with a grain of salt. I do appreciate their honesty though. For example, this was taken from the physiology description under "Growth and Reproduction":

The infant stays with the mother until puberty at age 10 or so, measuring about 6’ in height by then. Offspring seem to be spaced about 5 years apart, as judged by the admittedly small sample of grouped footprints; 

This is pretty common throughout the website. They know there isn't a lot of scientific research being done and they aren't claiming their evidence is anything more than what it actually is. They only claim that the tracks and hair samples they have do not match those of any other known animal. I believe this gives the website a good amount of credibility. Whether everything they are saying is factual or not isn't known. So overall, this is a helpful source and I will definitely use the information for my overall description.


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