Friday, February 1, 2013

Squiddo on Griffin for kids.

Third Blog today I stumbled across another website called that gives an outline of the griffin beast. This website is useful in showing the different interpretations of the griffin. The page starts off with understanding the Ancient Egyptian and Persian era of people. This article web page gives the historical context of what the griffin symbolized to the Egyptians. One thing that I was able to take away from this website is the comparison of the dragon and the griffin in how they appeared to be the same kind of threat since they both had wings and were relatively large in size.
This website is great for school children. I would strongly recommend this page to someone in the middle school because of the information it offers to the readers in very simplistic terminologies.  It contains a lot pictures perfect for a younger student who is trying to understand what the griffin is. This webpage, otherwise lacks citations, and  needs information from a scholar’s view.This web page would be beneficial to anyone trying to figure out what was the griffin used for, symbolized as and where has it been seen around. Majority of the things that I read on this page were facts that I already knew and have background because of encyclopedia’s and articles informing me.
Squiddo is pretty cool in outlining important facts about the Griffin from the past to present day interpretations of what it means.

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