Monday, February 4, 2013

Reality vs. Imagination

Here are my thoughts for this week: I am finding that in relation to the thunderbird, most people see them as really big birds that merely don’t exist, as one source I found stated, “It certainly doesn't take much imagination to invent ‘something just like that bird over there, only bigger.’”  I see this statement as both something true, but people do tend to underestimate things. Just because something is easy to imagine, doesn’t mean it never really existed.

This could be compared to saying that in a few hundred years when people look back, and say the Golden Eagle is extinct. Yes, they actually exist as seen now, but for this example’s purpose, let’s just say that some people believe that they did not exist because of the mere size of the bird and the fact that they were trained at times to hunt wolves. 

Yes – a bird having the ability to take down a wolf may seem a little crazy, but it’s a fact. While there is no physical proof that thunderbirds actually existed, to write the animal off by a mere fact of seemingly unlikely features.

Times are also very different from now and when Thunderbird sightings have been recorded to occur. Whereas now if we see something odd or cool or out of the ordinary, we can take out our cell phones and click! Proof. However in the past these kinds of technology did not exist – how can we be sure that people did or did not see a thunderbird when they said they did?

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