Monday, February 11, 2013

Post 5... I think Griffin

This week's posting on my cryptid the Griffin bird. I came across this great website called This website I thought to be great because of the class exercise on finding out if websites are legitimate. In class we discussed a little on what gives a website credibility. This website has some credible aspects about it which makes it great for research towards the griffin. I located it by typing it in Google search and typing in griffin bird mythology websites and clicking I believe the first link.
This website gives you the description on the Griffin this is something that I already know, but it provides clarity on the mythological creatures features. This website really informed me on what the griffin could actually be outside of what it is speculated to be. The website says that it could actually be just a large bird like a Moa or a Condor or even an extinct elephant bird of the Madagascar. Which is a new thing that I never knew was speculated which is great for my research paper.
This website also gives details on where it was sighted to have been seen at, typically in Europe. This website gives you a link at the bottom to use and look at  for more information on the Griffin. I clicked on that link to see what  was on it, the link took me to a griffin art gallery. This part was not very helpful though. I love this website though

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