Monday, February 18, 2013

Pop culture

Popular culture has made legitimate mermaid information very difficult to find online. You really have to dig deep to sort through all the pages of fictional literature and 6- year old girls' party theme decorations.

When you Google "mermaid," Most of the links are tips on writing stories of mermaids or the stories themselves. Some are sites about the Disney movie and let's not forget all the tutorials on how to become a mermaid. Youtubing the term shows mainly children's TV shows or young girls in bathing suits which makes me feel a little dirty and wanting to delete the search from my browser history.

Recently, Animal Planet did a special entitled "Mermaid: The Body Found." It was a fictional show aired during monster week but it has caused quite an uproar. This causes another problem as now almost all articles easily found on mermaids are a debate about this show. Pop culture has made researching something with the hopes of finding mermaid accounts with some actuality near imposible.

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