Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pop Culture

Pop culture has been both a help and hindrance to the study of Bigfoot. On one hand, Bigfoot has become a huge part of pop culture and because of that most people have at least heard of the creature. There have been a lot of documentaries and even dedicated TV shows on the subject. This has stirred up a lot of interest in the topic. However, this doesn't necessarily mean people believe what they are hearing. People believe what they see, and until they witness a Bigfoot with their own eyes, chances are they aren't going to accept it as reality. Still, pop culture has caused inspired many people to get involved in the mystery, and that's the only way to solve the question. There are a lot of articles and forums regarding Bigfoot, but the problem of credibility arises. It is extremely difficult to find any conclusive peer reviewed evidence. Most scientists and academics believe Sasquatch is just a myth and wouldn't bother risking their reputations supporting such a controversial topic. Pop culture has turned it into an amateur topic and is generally thought of as a pseudoscience. Until we see a Bigfoot in the flesh, this is unlikely to ever change.

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