Friday, February 22, 2013

Monster Hunter- Griffin

If a professional monster hunter was after my monster the most valued information resource would be where it could be found. Based on the research that I have found out about the Griffin these birds are typically found in mountainous terrain away from people. A valued resource would be when they come out and where have they been spotted.

The history behind the griffin also is something to keep in mind in which the griffin is a symbol of protection and is a vicious beast when in war against opposing people. This beast has two areas of power over others which is that it can fly and that has teeth like a lion. The hunter would benefit from knowing what kind of weapons they will need to capture this kind of monster since it has intense features. Hunters would need to keep in mind that griffins are loyal to whatever kingdom they are affiliated with and that they are very big beings, kind of like a dragon without all the physical features.

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