Saturday, February 9, 2013

Missing the Mothman

Mothman Statue.
The Mothman has a pretty famous icon in the US particularly in West Virginia. In the town of Point Pleasant (the location where the Mothman was first spotted.) rests a statue and museum in its honor and the town even hold an annual fair to commemorate the Mothman. Although Point Pleasant is often credited with the legend of the Mothman, James Renner, author of It Came From Ohio, argues that Salem, Ohio is where the mysterious Mothman was first sighted. Although it is fair to say that similar sightings can be seen for ages much further back. Renner mentions the Thunder bird and other legendary creatures of old that could have also been Mothman.
 However, I have read from various sources that the origin of the Mothman could be linked to an owl or crane. The descriptions of the Mothman given by witnesses often lack fine details and what they do remember (usually the bright glowing eyes and large feathered / mothy wings) could be attributed to large birds of the area, for instance barred owls.

In other news the Mothman Prophecies was checked out of the library, so I will sadly be able to use it as a reference for my research. Excelsior!

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