Monday, February 11, 2013

Library books

Over the weekend I went to the library and tracked down a book titled Strange monsters of the Pacific Northwest. It has a small passage describing the mermaid of old Kwakiutl legend:

"tribesmen spun tales of the pugwis, a 'man of the sea' or 'wild man of the undersea world,' variously described as an aquatic spirit in human form, a merbeing, or an ocean-going shape-shifter. Some legends describe the pugwis as benign, while others speak of killer whales that swallow canoes and transform their occupants into cetaceans. Their normal habitat was the Puget Sound."

I find it interesting that the Kwakiutl people only considered Killer whales to be mystical spirits. Why not any other whale? No sightings have ever been reported in modern times but some believe that whatever the creature was has moved up to British Columbia. There have been reports of a lizard man there. Mermaid sightings have been reported all over the world which makes me wonder if all those people could really be lying.

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