Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can't count! And I got another library book

I thought I had all my blog posts up to date but I missed one. Woops! Anyway I got another library book so I will use it to catch up on my blogging.

It is titled Monster Hunt and it has one blurb about mermaids. It's centered around a letter written in the Eighteen Hundreds that was reposted in a Scottish newspaper. The letter is a statement from one of six men who were out deep-sea fishing and caught a mermaid. The statement goes into great detail and claims that the mermaid talked to them. They released it back into the water as it is bad luck to kill a mermaid. The author of the book goes on to say that dugongs and seals don't make sense for this description. He goes on to share facts on mass hallucinations and how even if mermaids aren't real, there are many who will swear on their lives that they saw one. I really like the quote he uses at the end of the blurb:

"' This is a question which, after five thousand years is still undecided;'"

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