Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gryphon legend

This week I am using the blog prompt sheets to center my blog posting on. The prompt question is how difficult has pop culture coverage of your monster made your research?
            I can say that by the name of my monster I have had a lot of mix things that come up in my research. Last week I posted about the griffin and how I found a really great website that I could actually use and take information from. I also have posted in the past a picture of a character from  the media show called "Family Guy". Because I am looking for information on the Griffin legendary bird it has been hard to find information at times because in pop culture this T.V. show shows up a lot quicker  when typed into the search engines. The word griffin today has taken on a multiple meanings as technology progresses.
            Griffin is also a technology device brand name. This happens frequently making me having to filter exactly what I am looking up to be very specific. I also have had the problem of when I type in Griffin the Chronicles of Narnia pops up automatically. This movie re-introduced the Griffin to people because of the signification it had. The Griffin  portrayal in this film I guess was accurate and reassured what I have learned about this monster so far. The hardest part is having to type in the correct wording to make sure that the  right information comes up that I can use
Pop culture on my monster has been at times beneficial in the accuracy of the portrayal of the griffin bird in appearance which Gods had as protectors. The pop culture also makes it difficult because when people think of griffin due to all the publicity of the T.V. show Family Guy it makes people not even aware of what a griffin is.

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