Monday, February 25, 2013

Archive Findings

I found a few interesting things after visiting the archives. The folder I was given included a collection of various newspaper clippings regarding Sasquatch sightings, handwritten personal accounts of sightings, hair samples, and a map with a marked sighting. It was highly interesting to view these pieces because they were extremely personal, which gave some credibility to the evidence. These items were part a part of someone's personal collection, so what reason would they have to fabricate information? In my opinion, this a collection from someone who genuinely believes they saw Bigfoot, however, whether or not they actually did is unknown.

This is where the lack of credibility comes into play. This was not a scientific collection of evidence. While they included hair samples, there is absolutely no way to be sure where they got them or what they actually saw. Oral history is an extremely frustration part of this research project. While oral histories provide fascinating accounts of incredible sightings, I am not ready to easily accept their views. The handwritten accounts found in the archives was especially frustrating. It was extremely difficult to decipher their handwriting and it was a jumbled collection of fragmented sentences. While interesting and convincing, the personal accounts are difficult to accept because they don't come with any background information, sources, or anything.

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