Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1. How difficult has popular culture coverage of your monster made your research?

    I was surprised to find that popular culture has done little to hinder my research of the Mothman.  Although there are several references to the Mothman in popular culture most of them are largely ignorable. For instance an episode of the X-Files features creatures related to the Mothman, or in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it is said that the Mothman can be found in the desert. On the other hand, the book the The Mothman Prophecies may be considered an obstruction of my research. I have spent more than enough time trying to obtain a copy of it to no avail.
    It seems that for the most part popular culture is kept separate from the sightings and theories. There are however many books related to the monster that I have yet to look into that may prove me wrong on this matter.
  In other news, I recently signed up for Netflix to hopefully watch this documentary called Eyes of the Mothman since there was apparently no other easier way to obtain it

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