Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Hunt for the Mothman

My research on West Virginia's favourite cryptid has been a mixed bag of success and failure. I started by searching the library for related books to the monster, and I found two books and one movie. Upon disregarding the movie, I began my quest to the mentioned sections of the library to find the two books. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the book The Mothman Prophecies, although it was apparently available. I did however find It Came from Ohio... by James Renner. The book may be of use but I am skeptical.

On the bright side of the dark side I was able to find thousands of newspaper articles that relate to the Mothman. I have good faith that there will be at least a couple of useful articles.

And finally, I was unable to find the Mothman in the americana encyclopedias or the specific encyclopedias, although I may have missed it. Wikipedia has a decent article on the monster with references I will continue to look through for useful information.

That brings me up to today and the hunt continues on!

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