Friday, January 25, 2013

The Griffin sighted

This website is one that I stumbled across when Google searching for sightings of the griffin. The reason for doing this is to see what kind of sightings or potential viewings have been out there of my monster. This website was not the best for quality, because of the advertisements being very distracting towards reading the actual article itself. After reading the article and it saying that in the UK the griffin was sighted in 1984. The British people claim that there has been this animal around them for a while.

What is not reliable about this web page is that yes the people claim that they saw the griffin bird, but that they turned to a psychic to do a full investigation on the area in 1985. The problem of this webpage is that it compares the griffin animal to the dragon. This is not what my research focuses on so I came to find this page not useful, but useful to know what to look for and use if I wanted to for my paper. They leave the mystery of the griffin bird sighting to be unknown. The web page also uses how the psychic Adam Collins connects griffins to the area in which the mascots for teams are griffins.

This web page leaves me with certainty that this is not what I want in doing research. The one great thing about this URL is that is has a date in which it was published and placed on the internet.

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