Monday, January 21, 2013

My first Werewolf findings

This is a little late for last week, he blog post due by the 18th. I suppose better late than never though. Forgot and had some problems remembering which email I accepted the invite in. Anyways i found quite a few books and websites about werewolves last week and I think I found a few good and bad ones! Which is pretty awesome.

The Michigan Dogman: by Linda Godfrey, looks like a good book to read about Werewolves. It has stories of sightings throughout the US which would be good to look at the people who claimed to have seen a werewolf and tell whether or not they are good sources or not.

I found other books online like Witchcraft and Masculinities in early modern Europe  by Alison Rowlands and Werewolves, witches and wandering spirits  traditional belief and folklore in early modern Europe  by Kathryn Edwards. These two books will have some insight of sightings and stories of werewolves in Europe  Which might differ and compare to stories and sightings here in the US.

I also found a couple of websites. Seems pretty bad at best. Will have fun tearing this site apart. Doesnt seem to have much going for it and would be a terrible source for werewolves.
Has a lot of information about werewolves but not so much going for it in terms of a reputable source.

I also, kind of off topic for research, made a gif about werewolves and am going to love showing it during my presentation. Hopefully everyone will like it

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