Monday, January 28, 2013

Mermaids are my monster

In my research for mermaids I decided to start with Cryptomundo. It is a reliable source and has several accounts of merpeople sightings. This article is about an Indonesian island that is reported to have orang ikan which translated means man fish. In 1943 during World War II, the natives found a carcass and allowed a Japanese sergeant to see the body.

The theory of this article is that merbeing sightings all over the world could very well be explained that humans or human like creatures simply evolved to suit the aquatic environment. I  find that to be an interesting concept. Mermaids aren't necessarily an old species and the different cases world wide might not even be related. Each area would have a different subspecies of merbeings.

I am very excited to research this topic further. I think I will find lots of information and accounts and be able to collect them from several types of sources.

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