Friday, January 18, 2013

Mermaid Sightings

As I began my research on Mermaids, I thought that my first post would be about various “sightings” from all over the world and throughout history. Most of the population today believes that mermaids are purely mythological creatures, obviously because, a woman with a fish tail that lives underwater is biologically impossible. So why have so many people claimed that they have seen Mermaids?
Christopher Columbus claimed that he saw three mermaids come high up out of the water, saying that they weren’t as pretty as he thought they would be. This is most likely because what he was really seeing were manatees. Other explorers such as Henry Hudson and John Smith have also claimed that they have seen mermaids as well.
In British Columbia, a mermaid sighting occurred in 1967 when people saw a woman with the “tail of a dolphin” while on a Ferry in Active Pass near Victoria. Apparently she had beautiful blonde hair and was spotted eating salmon. People became obsessed with finding her again but she hasn’t been seen since.
More recently in 2009, numerous eye witnesses claimed that they saw a mermaid off the coast of Kiryat Yam, Israel. This particular mermaid apparently only comes out at sunset. 

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