Friday, January 18, 2013

Legendary Griffin

                The first web source I thought that would be great to look at first is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia it first off shows the different types of ways that a griffin can be spelled. Which at first I had no idea because the monster or cryptid that I am doing if the mythological griffin or some may say gryphon/griffon. It is the legendary creature that is believed to have the body and tail of lion but with head and the wings of an eagle. Wikipedia shows the history of this ancient legendary creature that traces back to 3300 B.C. and it also shows the different folklore of this beast. This beast is one that has been seen in different areas, for power, protection and architecture. I am excited to see more sources explain the use of griffins being protectors of gold
The Griffin traces back to Ancient Egypt and even during the “silk road” expedition. This beast some cultures have said are to be powerful because the lion is king of the jungle and the eagle is the king of the air. Some cultures classify this beast to be the called a cherub or some king of angel. I love how this wiki page explains the misconception of the griffin based on the Altai Mountains of Scythia and that griffins come from a fossilized protoceratops.
                This page will be one that I will be using definitely in my research because this page includes 27 notes and references that they used and also readings used from this webpage are four different readings. This page is awesome on the historical facts on the griffin by far! Wiki also includes more external links that I will be using for future postings on my monster. This beast has been around for years based on all the information that wiki had to provide for readers and a researcher which makes this topic easier to use. Fun fact about the griffin is that in the Busch gardens there is a ride the griffin and hockey teams have the mascot being griffins.
Again wiki is a reliable source in starting research and knowing what other web pages have to offer on the griffin.
Grand Rapids Griffins.svg

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