Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hate or Love of ABCs

When searching through the journal databases, I found this article that points out that the "Alien Big Cat phenomenon" is recent in terms of history; it did not become popular - or perhaps a better word would be "fashionable", since sightings have occurred for many hundreds of years - to report seeing mysterious cats in the countryside until the 1960s, when the number of sightings exploded.

That article makes a very good point: that the human brain is a bad judge of size at long distances; which means that eyewitness accounts are unreliable. But I found it very striking that many of the eyewitnesses were absolutely convinced of what they saw, as noted hereherehere, and most notably here. Either people are entirely skeptical of the existence of ABCs, or entirely convinced; there's no middle ground. I realize this is probably a universal phenomenon in relation to cryptids, but it just really struck me when looking at these articles.

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