Monday, January 28, 2013

Go T-Birds!

I chose the Thunderbird for my monster honestly for two reasons.
One – I’m soon to be an animal science major, and I really wanted to do some sort of distinct animal.
And two -- My high school mascot just so happened to be the Thunderbirds.  Don’t judge me, yes I am a bit nostalgic. 
In starting my research, I have encountered a few problems.   The most predominant of these issues is the fact that probably around 90% of the topics I am finding are about cars. Go figure.
The bits of information about the thunderbirds that I have been able to find have primarily been few and far between, and generally I am getting the same information – Repetition of the fact that it’s Native American, and it is a large bird.
I have only just begun my research, and I am hopeful that I will eventually find results that are pleasing.

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