Wednesday, January 30, 2013

catty crptozoologists

I browsed Cryptomundo for information about Chupa, my monster's abbreviation, and found that there is quite a small circle with alot of information floating around in it involving cryptids. One article I found very interesting  has a couple cryptid experts and their opinions on what the Chupa is like a porcupine, result of pop culture, and a mongoose. This article also introduced me to Neil Arnold, who believes that the Chupacabra is not a cryptid at all but a zooform, I hope to research this this claim and a general knowledge of zooform this week.

Cryptomundo also lead to a passionate denouncement of Ben Radford's expedition looking for the Nicaraguan Chupacabra, written by his colleague Loren Coleman. Neither the article nor the bashing proved to valuable to my research; however, it was quite amusing and gave me an idea of how few people there are doing legitimate research on monsters. 

After the seminar with Kate I reserved a documentary, from 1996, on hunting the Chupacabra as well as a book titled Hidden Animals, I'm hoping they both don't take too long because I'm excited to get some new sources!

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