Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beast of Bray Road and Shapeshifting Werewolves

So I started looking around on the interwebs last night and stumbled upon a few youtube videos about the Beast of Bray road—one of these was a Monster Quest episode. It included many interviews of individuals who had claimed to see the Wolfman, but it also mentioned something about native american shapeshifters. Actually, the shapeshifters might have been mentnioend in a news article I found. I'll have to find it again at a later date seeing as I'm having troubles finding it again at the moment. Anywhoo, I've decided that since wolfmen are often described portrayed as a man turning into some sort of half man/half beast creature, and the Beast of Bray Road is described as a wolfman, it wouldn't hurt to look into the old culture of native american indians and see what they had to say about shapeshifters while I research the wolfman.

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