Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bigfoot Cover up?

An article titled Bigfoot Researcher Believes US Forest Service Covers-up Bigfoot raises the question of a conspiracy to keep Bigfoot's exiistence secret. Why? So the US Forest Service doesn't have to deal with yahoo's running into the woods looking and to protect logging. That doesn't make sense to me. Logging would continue even if Bigfoot was discovered with restrictions on proven habitats and populations and the Forest Service would get more money to protect an Endangered Species. Plus, think of the money the Forest Service would make if he/she blew the whistle and produced evidence?

From the article:

Bigfoot Researcher and author William Jevning has gone to Twitter to post what he believes to be a possible US Forest Service cover-up in the matters of Bigfoot.

The story was posted by Craig Woolheater over at Cryptomundo  and I just happen to stumble across it. Craig, being the good guy that he is, has gone through the tedious task of arranging Mr. Jevning’s tweets that where posted in reverse order (oldest twit on bottom) on the Twitter page.

So what did tweet say? Well it turns out that the author might have uncovered an attempt at covering up some proof of the infamous mythical creature known as Bigfoot. Mr. Jevning’s reveals in his tweet that upon being called to investigate thousands of possible Bigfoot tracks found by hunters, he was surprised when he arrived at the alleged location of the prints only to find that the US Forest Service had “washed” away every single track.

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