Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I've given up on Monstropedia. I've tried multiple times to expand the paragraph on the beast (because it's severely lacking in content and accuracy)--though what I'd like to do is give the beast its very own entry. Which is what I first tried to do. But I could find nothing (not even in the help section) on how to actually create an individual page. Next, I went to the entry on werewolves (which is where the snippet about the beast is), finally found an illogically titled button ('view source'--instead something sensical like, I don't know--'edit page'). Of course, once I clicked on it, the page that appears tells me I don't have permission. Ah well; I'm not sure I'm impressed enough with Monstropedia to really want to contribute. Think I'll stick with Wikipedia...

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  1. Actually, you need to register first. The owner desactivated anonymous editing because of too much spam ...


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