Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wikipedia edit....finally!

Was a little confusing, not sure if I put in my references right or not....but heres my article:

As Zora Neale Hurston describes in Tell My Horse, zombification will induce a state of ‘toiling ceaselessly’, referring to the individuals inability to access his/her freedoms and privilege, and not his/her productive output. (190) The enslavement of those who were zombified brings upon not only economic benefit, but a social severance that cannot be undone. In Benedict Stork’s thesis titled (Un)Natural Servitude: Zombies at the Crossroads of Race Labor, he brings to our attention the racial implications of zombification and consequential enslavement of that being. He states, “Indeed, it is the zombie master who is rendered as the true monster and the zombie only as the resulting monstrosity.” (9) The concept of zombiism begins in West Africa and makes in way to Haiti, within the Voodoo culture, the identified race of these populations has a resonating effect on today’s popular zombie culture.

Stork, Benedict (2005). “(Un)Natural Servitude at the Crossroads of Race and Labor” San Francisco State University ISBN 30750020448779

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