Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wikipedia Edit

So I finally accomplished my Wikipedia edit after much struggles. I found out at the beginning of this process that the Loch Ness Monster page is semi-protected so only registered users with 10 edits can edit the page. So I signed up to be a registered user and accomplished 10 edits on my user page, waited the required 4 days before I could edit Nessie’s page. Once I finally started editing her page, I realized that I know nothing about how to add citations or make this look presentable. After many tries to get the citations working, I finally added about a paragraph to the page. My edits are under the Surgeon’s Photograph section because no where in that section did anyone make a mention that Tim Dinsdale, a respected Nessie researcher, noticed new objects in the photo that show that it could be a real photo not a hoax. So here is what I added:

Tim Dinsdale also disputes the claim of this photograph as a hoaz in his book “Loch Ness Monster.” He claims that the studied the photograph so often and from many different angles that he was able to discern objects that prove the photograph is not a hoax. He states “upon really close examination, there are certain rather obscure features in the picture which have a profound significance.” Two of the obscure figures are: a solid object breaking the surface to the right of the neck, and to the left and behind the neck there is another mark of some sort, Dinsdale states. After making this claim Dinsdale dicusses that these objects are too hard to tell what they are, but that just proves that they could be part of the monster. According to Dinsdale either the objects are part of a very subtle fake or genuinely part of the monster. Another object that he points out to prove the photograph is not a fake is the vague smaller ripples that are behind the neck, which seem to have been caused after the neck broke the surface. Dinsdale emphatically states that this is a part of the animal underwater behind the neck. All of his facts prove that it is possible that this photograph is not a fake, at least according to Tim Dinsdale.

All is all it was an interesting assignment and now I can say that I have edited a post on Wikipedia. Now to sit back and wait to see if someone deletes my entry. Oh the suspense!

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