Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 6 - Archives building

This week we ventured down to the Pacific Northwest Archives building. While inside we learned about the building and all of the resources it contains. One interesting fact that I didn’t know about is that the center has to archive e-mails for a set amount of time depending on its importance, and all public officials e-mails are saved for review. The do this so if the politician or public official does any backroom dealings there will be a way to trace it.

There were a few articles on Bigfoot that were more of the same. One was of an old indian woman who hadn’t personally seen the creature, but a friend of hers did. Another articles was about the legislative process of making Bigfoot a protected species, meaning that people cannot hunt Bigfoot in Whatcom county. I find this one to be interesting because the county is saying bigfoot exists by passing hunting laws on him.

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