Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 5

Week 5 – Newspapers.

I didn’t find much information in newspapers directly relating to Bigfoot. Though there was a lot of material on things tangent to bigfoot, such personal relation campaigns for shows about bigfoot and news about companies who use bigfoot to help brand them. For example, on US 2, there is a espresso shop, “Espresso Chalet”, about 20 miles before Stevens Pass with a 12 ft tall carving of Bigfoot next to their stand. This might be something that helps bring in customers to support the remote business. In the article it says that the employees like to joke with the tourists about the “big guys” appearance, so it sounds like people notice the large carving. This article wouldn’t be considered relevant by any serious Bigfoot researcher, as there is no hard evidence.

I had trouble with many articles while on my search for Bigfoot in the news. If I found something, most likely it was not relevant to my main focus of trying to find hard evidence, the pieces in the news focus much more on the qualitative side rather than the quantitative.

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