Friday, May 13, 2011


An interesting website that I found about the skeptic side of the belief in Nessie, is from the Skeptic’s Dictionary. They have a whole entry in the dictionary about the Loch Ness “Monster”, where they try and show how Nessie is a hoax and is now perpetuated by the tourism industry. They go step by step through all the sighting and pictures and explain what each are instead of a monster. This is obviously a very detailed website to debunking the myth of Nessie and I appreciate at that even if I do not agree with that they are saying. It is important, to me and other people interested in Nessie, to get both sides of the argument and this would be the website to see and learn about the non-believers perspective. That being said, when I do my research I really like the websites, articles etc. to have both sides in the written text so that I can form the whole picture surrounding my research. This website lacks that because they only focus on the skeptic side and do not let the reader decide what they want to believe. This website and creator Robert T. Carroll, obviously want you to either believe in their opinion or change to their opinion once you have read the articles. This makes the website seem a little less credible because I felt forced to not believe in Nessie, while reading this website. I enjoyed reading this website because it provided a fresh view on the monster and one that I will not likely forget when looking at other sources.
The last interesting website I found was the Museum of UnNatural Mystery. This website is devoted to all though un-natural phenomena’s like: UFO’s and Cryptozoology. This was an interesting site to stumble upon because it does not look like it would be credible or even factual, but from what I read on their Nessie page they provide good information. Nessie’s entry on this website is a medium length piece detailing her history, hoaxes, photographs, sonar sightings, and other explanations that Nessie could be. This website gives both sides of the argument, which helps make this seem like a great site because they are not one-sided nor do they try to push their views onto the reader. The author, Lee Krystek, does a great job of explaining the details about Nessie and describing the more modern craze that Nessie has attracted. He especially details the new, Water Horse movie, which created lots of hype within the Nessie community, as well as giving Nessie more believers. By having the website set up in a chronological and themed way, creates a more cohesive article on Nessie. My favorite section of this website is when Krystek explains that some people believe Nessie is an oversized river otter. I had never heard about this belief before and was very intrigued to know more about the river otter belief. I think that this is the best website of the three because while shorter than the others it does a great job of providing all the information in a cohesive way and does not take a side or force a choice onto the reader.

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