Friday, May 6, 2011


Librarians Wild Goose Chase

Today was the day I was going to find a great resource for my report/blog and I was determined as ever as I approached the infamous Western Library. I had found several resources or potential resources related to my monster, The Mermaid… Before taking classes led by librarians I often thought of librarians as quite quant and perhaps shy, but mostly of nice elderly woman that knew a lot about the library. Two classes later I have concluded that my original assessment of librarians to be false, but rather wide of the mark. This particular morning I was extra eager and excited to start my day by spending some time with my local librarian. She started out extremely nice and helpful and one could even say, a bit too helpful. I happily showed her my most recent discovery of a potential source on the WWIU Library page and she seamlessly provided the professional and expert guidance any lost student has come to expect. Upon completion of our research I was provided some information that would help me locate my potential research and was happy to be on my way. My journey or wild goose chase as I have so reluctantly labeled it led me to the oversize journal section in Hagard 3. Very interesting section of the library, the one good piece concerning this section of the library is that you walk directly pass the beautiful and awe inspiring planetarium! After spending about 45 minutes searching journals and desperately looking for the information that our local, wonderful librarian provided I concluded that I didn’t have sufficient information to help me locate this potentially vital piece of information. Not being satisfied I decided to return to our local librarian to inform her of my progress or lack of progress. She politely chuckled and with a devilish smile said, “Oh, I guess you need more info then just that”! As I found her very attractive and pleasant I played it off and continued my efforts in narrowing my search and getting the missing link from our now jokester local librarian. Now in hand I had the actual call number which seemed to be the final piece of this puzzle and would ultimately lead me to impending victory, but alas. It was not to be, several hours later and several volumes later I concluded that I had officially been led on a local librarian wild goose chase. Considering I always perceive the glass half full vice half empty I took several important lessons with me from this encounter.

1. Be weary of beautiful, young and energetic librarians
2. Have the general knowledge of how a library system works
3. Ask questions before leaving the counter
4. Patience is a must
5. Having a sense of humor is vital to ones sanity…

Here is the info provided; V. 48 NO 19 2001 oversize AP2.N658

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