Saturday, May 7, 2011

scrambling to present...

I'm spending my Mother's Day weekend scrambling to present my monster and subsequent research process, but I volunteered to go early, so I can't complain too much.

I'm finding now that I wish I'd been a bit more methodical about collecting and organizing my finds. Once again, I've gotten scattered. I've seen and read many things, but haven't kept very good track along the way. I've continued to email myself links and research documents. Looking back on our requirements, I wish I had been printing screens as I found them on the web. It appears that either my keyboard or my wanky printer or both are not configured to us the 'print screen' option.

Today, I spend a bit of time delving into a site that I found utterly revolting. If one googles "tale of the ebu gogo" the second hit is for the site "" in which nearly the entire wikipedia entry is pasted into a blog post. I couldn't help but be a voyeur and lurk around on their site. Ugh.... but I digress. Before I left their site, however, I went back to the original page and found a link that led me to this...
so I suppose it wasn't a complete wash.

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