Tuesday, May 17, 2011



One of the many benefits to being enrolled in this particular class, besides of course having the world’s greatest professor (Professor Michael Lorenzen) is learning about all the varying avenues students can conduct research. Many of the research techniques that have been taught to date have been reminders or refreshing in nature, but there have been some new concepts and resources that are original in nature for at least me. The new research tool that I found extremely interesting and for obvious reasons very informative and helpful was our latest guest speaker who taught this past Monday (May 16), this particular Professor taught correct and proper citations. My initial reaction to the topic for the day was, Yuk! After just a few moments in the classroom though I found the manner in which she delivered the material to be reflective and enlightening. I learned quite a bit from this specific lesson topic and have future plans to utilize some of the resources the professor supplied or recommended. The fact that she also supplied us with examples of correct citations and websites to ensure our papers are compliant was a great help…

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