Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old Newspaper Articles on Sasquatch

In searching newspapers, I was pleased to discover an abundance of articles pertaining to the Sasquatch, or wild men, of North America. Articles reporting on supposed encounters and footprint discoveries have been showing up for over 100 years, and I came across some of the oldest ones, which were very interesting to read. I found a number of articles printed in the 1880s and 90s all describe similar occurrences with a “wild man” in Illinois. An article printed in 1885 titled “A Wild Man”, from the Decatur Illinois Saturday Herald, read in its entirety: “A wild man haunts the woods near Locust Grove.” A similar article was printed two years later in the Decantur Daily Review , which read “An alleged wild man of the woods is making life miserable for rustics of Logan county.” Then in 1891, an article from the Decantur Daily Republican titled “The Wild Man Hunt” tells of how a “systematic hunt for the wild man” of the area was to take place. The creature was supposedly stealing poultry and pigs from local farmers, so they organized “a circle of searchers four miles in circumference” to catch the wild man. I did not find a follow-up article on the outcome of the search-party, but I did find another article, printed in the Davenport Daily Leader three years later, that tells of “organized search parties for a wild man” who was “surreptitiously slaughtering calves, pigs and lambs belonging to farmers.” Coincidentally, these search parties took place in the same county of Illinois as the last article I mentioned. This pattern of events leads me to believe there was definitely some sort of wild man in living in Illinois at this time. Another article, printed in 1902 in the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, told of a group of young ice skaters who observed an “eight foot hair covered human monster” who was, “flourishing a large club and uttering a series of yells.” Tracks were found, measuring 22 inches long and seven inches wide.

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