Monday, May 2, 2011

Wikipedia update

My last post was about my edit to the Spring-Heeled Jack info on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, my additions were almost immediately deleted by, DreamGuy. He/she stated, “Interesting if true, but not cited to any source, reliable or otherwise”. While the information I entered actually came from an academic, scholarly, and peer reviewed journal, History Today, I failed to site it in my edit to Wikipedia….OOPS. I give kudos to DreamGuy for catching my mistake, but I feel that if he was a real Spring Heeled Jack fan this information wouldn’t have been new.

Since my Wikipedia experience, I have found several more books and articles on my cryptid. Just today, I received a book titled, The Lore of the Land: A Guide to England’s Legends from Spring-Heeled Jack to the Witches of Warboys. I found this book the day we were talking about encyclopedias and how there are many different encyclopedias for different subjects. In my search during that class, I stumbled upon this great book. Though there are only a few pages about the Spring-Heeled Jack in its total 915 pages, the information was detailed, specific, and supported information I have found in other sources.

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