Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My last books!

The next book that I found was called The Loch Ness Monster by San Souci and this book is part of the Great Mysteries-Opposing viewpoints Series. This book is a smaller book that is for kids and adults to learn about the basics of Nessie. The point of the book is to explore all of the evidence for and against Nessie and decide if Nessie is real. In the end this book does decide that the evidence is inconclusive, so it is up in the air for readers to make their own decisions (pg.92). This book is a good starting point for a researcher to get the basics of what Nessie is, her habitat, the history and so on. From that point the book provides a further exploration section if the reader wants to know more. I really liked this fact because it is promoting the continuation of research into the Nessie myth. This book is complete with pictures and all the physical evidence that has been accumulated over time about Nessie, which gives the reader a broad understanding of Nessie. This book, as stated, is a really good starting point for research and gives a very well defined picture of Nessie. The only issue I have is that since I have done so much research on Nessie I feel like I am getting the same information over and over again. This book personifies that feeling but in the end it is a good book to read if you want to know the basic facts.

The last book in my continuing search through the Summit system was Loch Ness Monster by Tim Dinsdale. I really felt that this book was the ultimate research book that I could find about Nessie because of the amount of research that Dinsdale has done into the Nessie myth. This book is the newest edition from 1976, so it includes even more information from Dinsdale. He starts of by explaining how it got interested in searching for Nessie. His “spark” was on 1959 when he happened upon a picture and article about the Loch Ness Monster in his favorite newspaper (pg.1). From that point on he was intrigued to find out the “truth” about Nessie and when this book was printed he had spent fifteen years searching for Nessie. The rest of the book is dedicated to his research very detailed and laid out for the reader to understand what Nessie could be. He leaves the reader the option of deciding based upon his evidence if Nessie exists, but he does provide very compelling evidence. He does come out and make the statement that, “there could be little doubt the Monster was still alive and kicking; a creature of flesh and blood living in the present” (pg.58). Dinsdale truly believes that there is monster out there and he will believe that for the rest of his life. This book is a very detailed account of Nessie as a monster and also of the searches that go into looking for Nessie. This book, to me at least, is the compendium of Nessie research books because Dinsdale does such a good job of laying all the facts out for the reader. This book is a very enjoyable read for anyone looking into the Nessie myth.

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