Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mermaids- sightings

It is often hard to distinguish between a mythological story that is written knowing it is just a make believe tale and actual sightings. Actual sightings have gotten rarer as time has gone on since the tale of the mermaid began. However, at the turn of the century it was reported that Alexander Gunn saw a mermaid a few feet away waiting for the tide to come in. Gunn went on to describe her to look “both frightened and angry.” [Marc Potts The mythology of the mermaid and her kin 173] Another reported sighting was in 1939 a Scottish woman out fishing boat depicted seeing a mermaid with “a beautiful face, golden hair, blue eyes and a delicate complexion.” Later, in 1947 yet another fisherman said he saw a mermaid on the Isle of muck. He went on to describe her as combing her hair about twenty yards off of the shore but disappeared into the water when she found she was being watched (173). Ten years later a mermaid came aboard the raft Tahiti-Nui, constructed by Eric de Bisschop. One sailor who was on night watch thought at first she was a dolphin, then he saw her jump onto the raft and stand on her tail, he confronted it and it knocked him down. He described her as “smelly” and having scraggly seaweed covered hair (173). In Queensland, Australia a security guard reported in 1991 off the coast. Why has it been so long between sightings? Some believe the answer to this question is the increasing in shipping and the pollution that comes a long with it. There have been no reports of dead mermaids, but if they dwell under the water there seems to be no need to wash ashore.


  1. Smelly and scraggly seaweed covered hair doesn't sound like the kind of lady I'd like to meet anyways.

  2. Just watched an excellent Animal Planet Show about the actual scientists who researced and had proof of mermaids,The shame is that the Navy would be responsible in their deaths and confiscated any evidence that the researching scientists had. What another case of the Tragic Govt.

    1. I watched the same show and was very disturbed knowing that the govt (navy) would do such a thing. It is very sad and I don't understand it.

  3. Mermaids are real i have seen one i didn't want to tell, any one because i thought we might cause harm to the mermaid me and my friend where at lake Ontario at sunset as we where watching the sun go down i noticed a head appear from under the water it quickly disapered though and thats when i saw the tail it left perfectly still water when it left

  4. I really believe in Mermaids, they are possibly my favorite mythical creature! well, besides Bigfoot.

  5. my teacher also here in the philippines also saw a mermaid when he was still a teen ager there in their town just beside the sea... he describes it just as the scientist in the animal planet describes thats when i remember the story of my teacher way back when i was still in highschool... head with like a ridge in the middle, like slimy skin and a tail just like a fish.. eyes big, fingers with webs, in the fore head like a nose, he even describe it the creature alittle big as a human, tooo bad my teacher died 3 years ago... he didnt saw the documentary on animal planet maybe he can distinguish its features in the docu... now how come some of people who claimed saw a mermaid describes it just as the same when those people from many countries didnt even communicate.. i think theyre real..


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