Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finishing up

This week I have been working on my presentation and editing my paper. I have also really been enjoying the presentations. I am learning a lot about all of your cryptids!! I didn't realize there were so many legends and creatures that have such strong roots in particular cultures.

All of the presentations so far have also given me tips and insight into different ways of researching. I was really shocked when I learned that one of your blogs was plagiarized and used in several different posts. After I heard this, I checked online to see if mine were stolen too. It turns out that my posts were left alone. In hearing about how easy it was for two separate people to steal a blog and re post it as there own, I now feel very skeptical about the internet and a lot of online resources. I know there are very credible sources and stories out there, but i may think twice before I believe or give credit to an author.

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