Friday, May 27, 2011

Digital Flotsam and Jetsam (kind of)

Honestly, I haven't much more to say about the beast, so I suppose the next few posts will just be tidying up. Most recently, I've just been scouting the internet; here's a summary of the first five sites that come when I searched 'beast of gevaudan' in google:

The first site up is Wikipedia, of course. I'm not sure I need to reiterate myself (or the whole rest of the class), so I'll leave it alone.

Next is The Cryptid Zoo, a page I never actually looked into. With good reason, perhaps--the link is broken. Helpful of google to give me a site that doesn't even work properly. Lovely.

The third site that appears in the google search is Occultopedia. Not a bad site, actually. Decently informative and, unlike Monstropedia, the writing doesn't make me twitch. It's just too bad that the article has no citations (apparently it's scheduled to be reviewed soon), because there were a few tidbits that were interesting, but unverified.

Google, of course, pulled up numerous sites, but the last I'll review is called, simply Unknown Creatures. They have probably the most…illuminating description of the beast's size I've yet to read, describing it as "as large as a calf or young cow." (Those are essentially the same thing…right?). Once again, no citations, but the layout is esthetically pleasing, simply because the information isn't too dense, the paragraphs thick, but not ponderous, each headed by a large and bold title.

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